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my weakness=French April 18, 2010

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No one knows about me as much as I do. I think my biggest weakness is French. I learned a new language, French, when I went to Canada because it was one of those mandatory subjects that I had to take. For most Canadians, French was their second language. I learned it for two years. The teacher helped me outside of class because she knew that I needed more help because it was first time learning French for me. Then I came to Korea and found out that I had to take a language course. Of course I decided to take French because I learned it a bit at least. Other languages such as Chinese or Spanish, it was going to be more hard for me since I do not know how to speak a word. I know I do not try my best for this subject, but I have one of the lowest grades in this subject. That’s why I think this is my biggest weakness. I never reach my expectation for my French final grade. I try to find every word that I do not understand from the dictionary for better comprehension.



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Dracula by Bram Stoker

I started reading the novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker because of it was mandatory for English class. When I started reading the novel, I thought Dracula was the evil character and all the other characters were those “nice” characters. But when I got to the middle of the book, I started thinking if Dracula was evil. He is committing evil deeds that harm people but he needs bloods of human and animals for him to live. We, humans, kill animals for food and for our own goods such as for money. On the other hand, he killing and taking away innocent people’s lives and happiness even though they do not deserve them. In my opinion, Lucy, who was corrupted by Dracula, is not responsible for her actions because she was controlled by a vampire who had stronger force than her. “Evil” can be defined as something that is harmful and immoral. Although she was abducted those children, many have returned safely. Lucy behaved as one of those “typical Victorian Women” even thought she was not as pure and innocent as Mina. All those evil deeds that she committed were by the creature inside her, not her real self.


what do you love? March 28, 2010

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I enjoy a lot of things such as eating, watching TV dramas, playing with my friends and more.
Guess what I found out? That’s what most people love to do. Who doesn’t like eating? Who doesn’t like watching TV and relaxing? Those are not the only ones I love, but I’m sure there’s something else that I love other than those. I love using public transportation unlike some people. Of course taxi save time and is faster than bus or subway, but you don’t get to see outside. I like to look outside the window when I’m riding the bus and listen to music while thinking about something that doesn’t give me stress. Riding a bus gives me time to be a person without any stress and conflict. But it’s only when I’m sitting, not when I’m standing on the ‘crowded’ bus.


Unique blog March 16, 2010

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Read three of your peer’s blogs and write a post focused on what you think makes a blog unique, interesting, and worth subscribing to.

A blog can be interesting, exciting, boring, informative, and no fun depending on who reads the post. Of course people find the articles fun if they are reading about what they favor and find the articles boring if they are not reading about their interest. It is hard to get readers’ attention because they have variety of interests and a writer can’t focus writing about every single topic. A blog can become unique, interesting, and worth subscribing to when it has something that catches reader’s attention such as having updated news about what is going on throughout the world or having pictures that are related to the articles that are written. Visuals and music can make the blog more interesting and fun to read. I think a blog can be unique if the writer writes about their opinion instead of only writing about facts. There will be people who agree and disagree with the writer’s point, but people who agree will come and visit the blog more often because they have similar way of thinking. Instead of writing articles while thinking, “ What should I write to increase the number of readers” , the writer should be true to him/herself and write whatever they feel like.


Rock Climbing March 9, 2010

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Rock climbing

Rock climbers use most parts of their body such as arm, hands, leg, brain and more. Rock climbers uses control and strength since they use arm and leg muscles. Usually, people who have acrophobia can not try this because they are afraid of heights. The purpose of rock climbing is to reach to the top of the wall by using the rocks. Two people are needed for a person to climb: belayer and back-up belayer. There are variety of equipments needed for the rock climbing; they are rope, cord, daisy chain, carabiners, and, harnesses. Belayer should make a figure eight and put it through the holes of his/her harnesses.


OPE March 2, 2010

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Soho’s OPE
Grace’s OPE

My English class was suppose to write one paragraph essay using “In Dracula, Bram Stoker uses gothic elements to effectively capture the reader’s attention” as thesis. We had to use direct quotes from the book in order to prove our points. We had to record our DOL partner’s OPE and give them advices to make it better.


It’s all about Color February 25, 2010

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The color red is mostly used to represent fire, blood, energy, war and danger. It is used to show desire, passion, love, power and determination. It is used for many national flags because of what it represents. It is also used for signs since it is the color that represents the people most.

Light red = shows joy, passion, love
Pink = shows romance, love, friendship
Dark red = shows rage, anger, leadership, courage
Brown = shows stability
Reddish-brown = represents harvest and fall

The color orange is combination of red and yellow. It is used to represent joy, enthusiasm, happiness, success, encouragement, and determination.

Dark orange = means distrust
Red- orange = represents passion, desire, and thirst for action
Gold = represents wisdom and wealth

The color yellow represents joy, happiness, and energy. Taxicabs are painted in yellow to catch people’s attention. This color shows cheerful feelings.

Dull yellow= represents sickness and jealousy
Light yellow = represents joy and freshness

The color green represents growth, harmony and freshness since it is the color of nature. It is sometimes used to represent safety for signs. Green is the color that is restful for the human eye. It improves people’s vision. Because of most plants colors are green, this is used to represent nature most of the times.

Dark green = used to represent ambition, greed
Yellow-green = used to represent sickness, jealousy
Aqua = used to represent protection
Olive green = used to represent peace

The color blue represents sky and sea because of their color. It shows loyalty, trust, faith, and intelligence. The color makes people calm and make their emotional warm.

Light blue = shows healing and softness
Dark blue = shows knowledge, power
The color purple is combination of red and blue. It represents royalty, power, luxury, and ambition. Most children adore this color because it is rare in the nature. This color is preferred by more females than males.

Light purple = represents romance
Dark purple = represents sad feelings

The color white represents innocence. This color is opposite color from black; it is mostly used to show positive things. Because white is color of snow, it also represents cleanliness. It is used for medical things such as the color of gown for doctors and the hospital.

– The color black represents power, death, evil, and mystery. It is the opposite color from white which represents negative connotation. It is also used for formal clothes since it makes people look skinnier. It is a formal and elegant color and shows aggressiveness. It has the feelings of perspective and depth.