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Why not study? April 18, 2010

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What do you like about learning?

This one is a tough subject..like my teacher said. Hmmm…what do I like about learning. Well, some curious minds like learning but some people just couldn’t be bothered. If they had to choose between studying and playing, I bet majority of those people will choose playing. But students have to go to school every day during weekdays to learn for their bright future. Learning helps me and leads me towards a brighter future. The more I study, there is higher probability that I can achieve higher grades ( higher GPA) and higher chance for IVY colleges for me. Higher rank colleges mean a better job when I graduate. I always think about what I will become when I study because I have to be motivated by something; I have to have a purpose for studying. I like how learning leads me to a right path. It is my choice to study or not, but it will decide my future.
So…What do I like about learning? All I think about is my future. How much I work hard now, everything will pay off when I become adult.