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Personal Taste May 31, 2010

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One of my hobbies is to watch dramas. Once I start watching a drama, I have to watch it whenever it’s on TV to catch up the story. This time, the drama that caught my attention was called “Personal Preference”. It is a romantic comedy. First I started to have interest in this drama because one of the main characters was Lee Min Ho, one of my favorite celebrities.
This drama is about the love relationship between a perfect man, Lee Min Ho, and clumsy woman, Son Yeh Jin. It describes modern women’s love, friendship, and marriage. There are three types of love: “old” love, “happening” love and “coming soon” love.
The main character, Son Yeh Jin, is a furniture designer. She trusts everyone around her because of her “foolish” and gullible personality.  Anyone can try to deceive her if they try. She is one of the innocent characters. She is indolent and troublesome. She has no plan. She just waits for things to pass by themselves.  Lee Min Ho, Mr. Perfect, comes to live in her house as a tenet because she is in financial trouble.  At first, she mistakes him for being gay and falls into dilemma because she falls in love with him. Of course, he is not gay. I think most people are attracted to complicated and sweet “love” dramas because they are happy just by looking at the imaginative couple going out. It is what everyone (watchers) dream of and it satisfies the watchers. I think this drama ended as one of the memorable dramas because of the “happy ending” that everyone wanted.
Personally, I like watching dramas that has to do with love such as triangle love or love that has conflicts. This drama did waste my time every Wednesday and Thursday, but it was worth watching; it was entertaining and also, taught me how to act in love “complicated” situations.


what do you love? March 28, 2010

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I enjoy a lot of things such as eating, watching TV dramas, playing with my friends and more.
Guess what I found out? That’s what most people love to do. Who doesn’t like eating? Who doesn’t like watching TV and relaxing? Those are not the only ones I love, but I’m sure there’s something else that I love other than those. I love using public transportation unlike some people. Of course taxi save time and is faster than bus or subway, but you don’t get to see outside. I like to look outside the window when I’m riding the bus and listen to music while thinking about something that doesn’t give me stress. Riding a bus gives me time to be a person without any stress and conflict. But it’s only when I’m sitting, not when I’m standing on the ‘crowded’ bus.