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“Dracula’s Guest” May 31, 2010

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Compare the chapter “Dracula’s Guest” with the published version of Stoker’s work. What is similar to Dracula? What is different? What elements of the Gothic genre can be found in this piece? Is it better or worse than the published version? Explain.

– The chapter “Dracula’s Guest” is combined of many short stories written by Bram Stoker. It was published in 1914. There are eight short stories which are: “Dracula’s Guest”, “The Judge’s House”, “The Gipsy Prophecy”, “The Coming of Abel Behenna”, “The Burial of the Rats”, ‘A Dream of Red Hands”, “Crooken Sands”, and “The Secret of the Growing Gold”.  From the original novel, Dracula, “Dracula’s Guest” was deleted from its first chapter. Stoker deleted it because he felt that the chapter was unnecessary.
Let me give you a short summary of “Dracula’s Guest”. It is about an Englishman, Jonathan Harker, who leaves to Transylvania for his job. He goes around Munich before his voyage. Because of his curiosity, he decides to leave his hotel one night even though the coachman told him not to. He wanders through the forest by himself. While he was wandering around, he felt like someone was watching him which was Count Dracula. A female vampire, Countess Dolingen, appears and meets Harker in the graveyard where a marble tomb is. A wolf appeared and attacked him. Later that night, he was brought back to the hotel and he found a telegram which was sent by Dracula saying that ” dangers from snow and wolves and night”.


Dracula April 18, 2010

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Dracula by Bram Stoker

I started reading the novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker because of it was mandatory for English class. When I started reading the novel, I thought Dracula was the evil character and all the other characters were those “nice” characters. But when I got to the middle of the book, I started thinking if Dracula was evil. He is committing evil deeds that harm people but he needs bloods of human and animals for him to live. We, humans, kill animals for food and for our own goods such as for money. On the other hand, he killing and taking away innocent people’s lives and happiness even though they do not deserve them. In my opinion, Lucy, who was corrupted by Dracula, is not responsible for her actions because she was controlled by a vampire who had stronger force than her. “Evil” can be defined as something that is harmful and immoral. Although she was abducted those children, many have returned safely. Lucy behaved as one of those “typical Victorian Women” even thought she was not as pure and innocent as Mina. All those evil deeds that she committed were by the creature inside her, not her real self.